Sebastian Vettel ist F1 Weltmeister 2011

Sebastian Vettel weltmeister 2010

Es macht mich sehr stolz, diese gute Nachricht auf meiner Internetseite zu veröffentlichen. 

Herzlichen Glückwunsch Sebastian.

Er ist heute für seine positive Einstellung, seinen Ehrgeiz und sein Können belohnt worden.

Er lebt seinen Traum und heute hat er es wieder geschafft.

Weltmeister 2011

Gerhard Noack

Gerhard Noack – The Discoverer

It was about 25 years ago when Gerhard Noack discovered a highly talented young kart-driver from Kerpen. He soon found out, that this gifted young man was willing and able to be a winner, but was by far not able to cover the expenses of racing on his own.

Gerhard Noack supported the young driver with his knowledge, technical understanding and of course financial possibilities. The strong friendship very soon gained success and the kart-driver from Kerpen made his way up through different racing series. Within little time he became one of the most acknowledged successful formula one driver of the world and until now won seven world championships.

25 years later Michael Schumacher is still one of the most competitive race drivers, but has never forgotten where he came from and who supported him at the beginning.

His deep friendship with Gerhard Noack still continues, but his former companion went a different way:

With his knowledge from 25 years at motor sports he became Germany’s Nr. 1 Discoverer for young talents in the field of karting, formula and touring car motor sports. He supported nearly all of nowadays important German race drivers and is still very welcome at the track. There are only a few people who know the scene as intensive as Gerhard Noack does.

As there is a movie playing twice his latest discovery Sebastian Vettel already proofed his outrageous talent at karting, winning the Formula BMW title and became Rookie of the Year at the highly competitive Formula 3 Euroseries. “Sebi” finished the recently world wide acknowledged Formula 3 World Final at the tricky Macau Circuit on the podium and already drove a formula one car on invitation of BMW motorsports.

At the moment Sebastian Vettel is without a doubt
Germanys most gifted young driver and Insider suppose him to become the official successor of Michael Schumacher.

Again Gerhard Noack was the one who helped the driver from Heppenheim to make his way from karting to formula one and he and his company Noack Motorsport proofed again to be the right partner in the field of talent scouting.